Who We Are

Rocky Mount Bible Church was founded by a like-minded group of Christians in the spring of 1993, expressing the desire to be a part of a community where the Lord would be worshipped in sincerity, where the Bible would be taught and preached with passion and clarity and where missions work around the globe would be supported enthusiastically. The church adopted its Constitution and By-Laws and Confession of Faith on January 1, 1994. Expressing belief in traditional, scriptural Christian doctrines, these documents established an organizational structure that stresses a church served by a plurality of elders and deacons with major decisions reached by a consensus of church members.

Rocky Mount Bible Church is a conservative, evangelical, yet non-denominational community of believers who have three core theological distinctives.

First, RMBC is a church that emphasizes the teaching and preaching of God’s word, the Bible. Every Sunday School lesson and each sermon are designed to explain and illustrate the Bible, which we hold to be the authoritative, inspired and inerrant word of God. We believe that the Bible reveals both who God is and what He has done, and also provides men and women with life’s only reliable blue-print for healthy, godly living.

Second, RMBC is a church that emphasizes worship. Our worship team selects both hymns and worship choruses for the congregation to sing each week, and nearly every worship service is highlighted by a special musical number from one of the many musically-gifted persons in the congregation.

Finally, RMBC is a church that emphasizes the necessity of missions, both locally and globally. In fact, one of RMBC’s first official decisions was to give 20% of all tithes and undesignated offerings to missions. Currently, RMBC supports six missionary families and three additional missions organizations both in the United States and all over the world.

We are glad that you are considering worshipping with us here at Rocky Mount Bible Church!