1. How would you define your church?

Our church is a conservative, evangelical, yet non-denominational group of like-minded Christ followers.

2. What is a “Bible” church?

We are unaffiliated with other Bible churches. RMBC was started in 1993 with the intent to build a church that follows Scripture, in teaching and in preaching, to determine how God would have people live according to His divine plan.

3. What should I wear to your church?

We believe that a person’s spiritual, emotional and physical health is more important than what they wear to our worship services and gatherings here at the church. So while one should dress modestly, style is dependent upon one’s own preferences. On any given Sunday morning, some of the men will wear suits and ties, and some will wear khakis and polos. Some women will wear dresses, while others will wear slacks or capris and a variety of tops. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable.

4. What should I bring to church?

If you are visiting RMBC, you don’t need to bring anything with you. We are glad to serve you by providing hymnals and Bibles for your use. If you have a Bible and would like to bring it, we encourage you to do so.

5. What is the deal with tithing? Do I need to bring money to be accepted at RMBC?

While tithing is an important event for the members of our church, it is neither expected nor encouraged for visitors. We are here to minister to you, and not to ask you to contribute to our general fund.

6. Do you have a nursery for my infants and toddlers?

We have a staffed nursery for infants and toddlers, which is available during Sunday School and the morning Worship Service. To help protect our children, all of our nursery and children’s workers undergo background checks.

7. Do you have a Sunday School program/Children’s Church for my children?

We have Sunday School classes for children and adults. Currently, we provide an infant and toddler nursery for all children under four years of age during the Sunday morning Worship Service. Children’s worship notes and crayons are available in the back of the auditorium during the service.

8. Do you handle snakes in your church? Do you have healing services?

We do not handle snakes. In fact, our pastor is afraid of snakes! Moreover, while we believe that the New Testament is clear that we should pray for those who are sick, we do not hold “miracle” healing services for the infirmed or sick.

9. Is Rocky Mount Bible Church charismatic? Do members of this church speak in tongues?

Rocky Mount Bible Church is not charismatic, and does not practice speaking in tongues or other “sign gifts” during our services or gathered meetings.

10. What method of baptism do you use? Does a person have to be baptized in order to be saved?

Here at RMBC we practice baptism by immersion in water upon a person’s confession in Jesus Christ. Moreover, we believe that a person does not need to be baptized in order to be saved. Rather, we believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

11. What does membership look like at RMBC?

Any person who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior, who is willing to affirm our core beliefs and is willing to commit to being active in the community life here at RMBC is capable of becoming a voting member of our church.

12. How often do you all take communion, and who can partake?

Currently we take communion once per quarter, or four times a year. Communion is open to anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

13. What role does music play in your worship service? Are you more traditional or contemporary? Do you use hymnals?

Currently our worship style would be characterized as more “traditional,” though we are beginning to incorporate new worship songs and choruses that are thoughtful and sincere in their intent to glorify our God. While hymnals are available for those who choose to read music, the lyrics to each song are on monitors in the front  and rear of the sanctuary on a large, clear PowerPoint presentation.

14. What Bible translation does RMBC use? Is RMBC a King James Version only church?

Our pastor routinely preaches from the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible on Sunday mornings during the Worship Service. RMBC is NOT a KJV only church, and attendees are welcome to bring any translation they so choose.

15. Am I allowed to wear make-up and jewelry to your church?

By all means, ladies, wear whatever makeup or jewelry you like.

16. What is the church’s take on dancing, movies and playing cards?

If pursued in modesty, dancing and watching movies can be a fun way to spend time with friends and family. And while gambling is generally unwise, we have no rules or regulations concerning card games of any kind.

17. Am I allowed to smoke or drink and still attend RMBC?

The Bible specifically prohibits drunkenness, and modern medicine has enlightened the world to the dangers of smoking. And while drinking and smoking are forbidden on RMBC property, members are encouraged to study the Bible and follow the conclusions to which they have been guided by the Holy Spirit.

18. Is your church affiliated with a denominational seminary?

No, RMBC is not officially affiliated with any seminary or theological body whatsoever.

19. Does RMBC have an official position regarding Catholicism? Does RMBC participate in any inter-denominational cooperatives?

RMBC does participate in several cooperatives and community organizations with Catholics and other denominational churches in the area when shared values are held in common. For example, while RMBC may disagree theologically with another church in the area, we would be more than willing to work side by side with that church at the Rocky Mount Pregnancy Care Center or local food pantries.

20. Why do you have both elders and deacons? My old church just had deacons, isn’t that sufficient?

The elders of Rocky Mount Bible Church seek to provide care for the community of believers according to Scriptural mandate. Each of these men has been entrusted with the spiritual leadership for and care of the local church community. Deacons, while still involved in the spiritual care of the church, are specifically commended to care for the physical needs of the church.